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As of Nov 6, 2018
RM CustomCalls
Welcome to the home of RM Calls, where beauty and attention to detail meets functionality.
Here at RMC we will build you not only a work of art but a duck call that will perform in the blind or on the stage. Now you can have a call that not only sounds great but looks the part as well made CUSTOM FOR YOU.

We may be a small shop but we produce big sound with attention to the finest details.

World Championship Duck Calls
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Shop will be closed from Nov 6, 2018 until November 12, 2018
Any orders place during that time will ship November 14, 2018

We will be releasing a limited call available ONLY at the Valor and Honor Outdoors booth at the Easton Waterfowl show Nov 9-11. This call is dedicated to my friend Matt who hunted with us last year on the annual VHO duck hunt in Arkansas. During that hunt I witnessed a struggling soldier come into his own as a waterfowler. AND he even earned the nickname of Mojo Matt, cause in his own words "my mojo is always on". He presented me with a military patch that his service dog was wearing that featured a Knights Templar theme on the last day. I took that patch and ran with an idea....

RM Calls is honored to present the Mojo Matt Quack Ops!!!! Limited to 50 calls total.
Desert Tan with a light buff and color filled Knights Templar engraving.
Oh and heck why we were at it, just to sweeten them up a tad more, we added our newest tone board design to them, the FTM......Clanky rattle, lots of hold, super fast, looser running and just plain incredibly kraka pow pow nasty!!!!

So come by the VHO booth at the Easton Maryland festival (or call a buddy to stop by for you) and pick up a limited Mojo Matt Quack Ops
with our new tone board for $140 ($20 from each sell goes to VHO)
Meet some amazing people and hear some crazy stories, and hey while your there get
Ole Mojo Matt himself to sign your call. He`s a true American Hero in my eyes!!!
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