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As of June 4, 2019
RM CustomCalls
Welcome to the home of RM Calls, where beauty and attention to detail meets functionality.
Here at RMC we will build you not only a work of art but a duck call that will perform in the blind or on the stage. Now you can have a call that not only sounds great but looks the part as well made CUSTOM FOR YOU.

No flashy pictures and marketing here. Just duck calls that work.

World Championship Duck Calls
rm_web_site_001010.jpg rm_web_site_001009.jpg rm_web_site_001008.jpg rm_web_site_001007.jpg rm_web_site_001006.jpg rm_web_site_001004.jpg
All remaining no box calls on the Pre Built page are $80 plus shipping.

Working on our new line up for the year. But we want to go ahead an put rumors to rest...
Neither the FTM nor the Trinity will be avalible in pre built or custom line.
Simply not ready to do that. We want to deliver the best and we aren`t there yet.

The CWF Quack Ops are back in stock with stars added to the inserts.
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ISAIAH 1:18/20
Believe and Live!!!!