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As of June 15, 2018
RM CustomCalls
Welcome to the home of RM Calls, where beauty and attention to detail meets functionality.
Here at RMC we will build you not only a work of art but a duck call that will perform in the blind or on the stage. Now you can have a call that not only sounds great but looks the part as well made CUSTOM FOR YOU.

We may be a small shop but we produce big sound with attention to the finest details.

World Championship Duck Calls
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!!!!! Inventory reduction sale !!!!!
Selling all of our left over colors from last year and left over parts from over runs, under runs or what have you.
Some color combos we have quite a few and others just one available .
Also remaining PotHoles as the new colors will have a modification added to them.
$97.50 shipped

THANK YOU to everyone that purchaced calls from RMC this year.
We truly are humbled and honored to be able to share a blind with each of you in a fashion.

You deserve the best and we honestly try to deliver.
NO cheating and NO copying here at RMC!
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ISAIAH 1:18/20