Welcome to the home of RM Calls, where beauty and attention to detail meets functionality. Here at RMC we will build you not only a work of art but a duck call that will perform in the blind or on the stage. Now you can have a call that not only sounds great but looks the part as well made CUSTOM FOR YOU.

We might be a small shop but we produce big sounds with attention to the finest details
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World Championship Duck Calls
RM Calls News
Currently the books are closed to allow me to complete the current list of custom orders.
Thank you for your continued buisness and support to ALL! God Bless!!

We have added the Merchandise page with stickers, hats and shirts

Due to new federal laws, we no longer offer Ivory in any form!!!!!!!

Quack Ops ColdWeatherFans are currently unavailable as we make a few changes to the calls.

The following pre-built colors will be on sale for $85 plus shipping while supplies last.
Blue Pearl CWF
Green Pearl CWF
Gray/Blue CWF

As of Oct 1,2016
RM CustomCalls