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Custom Duck Call Pricing
All Wood...(African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Hedge)...$200

Non Stabilized Wood/Acrylic insert...$210

All Acrylic or Acrylic insert with a Stabilized barrel...$225

All Stabilized ( insert is sleeved )...$250

Wood or acrylic end caps...$15 each

Stippling...$10 per ring

CA finish...$25

Payments can be made by Postal Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Credit Card or PayPal
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Wood calls are warranted for one year of purchase minus Hedge. Hedge has a higher probability of cracking due to the limited oils in the wood. All of our hedge is kiln dried and then seasoned in the shop for a minimum of one year. We however can not warrenty Hedge calls. If your call developes a crack we will attempt to repair the call. Please ship it to us with a payment of $7.50 for return shipping.