Single reed Close in Meat (Pothole ™)
RMC`s Pothole call was designed for those small tight areas where you want nothing but bottom end duck without blowing the birds out of the hole. Nasally muddy rasp, realistic tone, easy blowing, low volume.
When you just want to sound like a duck.

RM Duck Calls

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The Gold-Digger Gen3 has a slightly higher tone than the CWF with excellent rattle, medium hold and is set up to run a little looser but is extremely fast . Volume wise the GD is not as loud as a CWF but louder than most mid range calls on the market, however it runs smooth from its meat hails to those in your face finishing quacks.
Looking for that go to call that can do it all with ease...the GD is what your looking for.

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Single reed Meat Call (ColdWeatherFan™)
Winner of the 2018, 2017 and 2014
World Live Duck Championship
2016 World Championship Team Mallard Meat
2016 World Championship Real Duck
Designed, built and dedicated to honor my friend John Libeau aka ColdWeatherFan.
The CWF has a deep tone and a very raspy characteristic to it with great hold. Volume wise it can get loud when asked to but will run whisper quite with a sick raspy bottom end with the slightest air.
If your looking for that deep old nasty boss hen with POWER AND RANGE...the CWF is your call of choice.
Single reed Meat Call (Gold-Digger™ Gen3)
Single reed Meat Call (CWF ALPHA)
The CWF Alpha represents an evolution of the highly successful ColdWeatherFan call line. Some of the best callers across the U.S. and Canada had a hand in field testing the CWF Alpha prototype. Guides, competition callers, timber hunters, and big water hunters. They asked for a big sound, powerful commanding meat hails, and a trigger response that turns ducks on the corners. Oh yeah, and it had to have effortless feed.
We believe the CWF Alpha hits the mark. A little less hold, a tad more air. Tuned heavy on the aggressive side.